Artist statement

Through the reality suffering, isolation, and pain in our lives, we lose our original figures as a human being and become weak and diminished under the shadow of modern society. I would like to transfer the dark sides of my life and work to change them into hope, joy, and wish on my canvas.

The images and colors are allusive, symbolic and metaphoric in my works. I reveal my numerous intangible memories in past that can be visualized by using restrained visual languages in order to show the space of free release on my canvas. Technically, I omit, simplify, distort, and transform the objects and make them into new creature to give new liveliness in a new space by using mixed media. 

The fundamental element of my works are about exploring myself, deeply into the mental world and inner world that cannot be defined certainly in any ways.

I think our lives are process of repeated normal daily life rather advancing for goals of life. Unfortunately, in the process, there are issues, such as ignorant people, distortion of original matters, controversy of truth, a shape of upcoming future, which are being abstracted into my canvas with suggestive dots, lines and images to make form of art and to express my inner world by using five traditional Korean colors.

I  believe in God. As a Christian and through my theme of works, Good Land Gifted, I hope I would convey the message of God which gives hope all the time so people may not give up from their obstacles, misery and frustration.

Of the things we can see but cannot see.

Of the sounds that cannot be heard but can hear,

Of the things we see invisibility,

Of the things we hear in silence.

I want to reveal things that does not exist in this real world through my works.

My works is prayer, praise, and confession. The joy, sadness, obstacles and pain in our daily life, I thank Lord for everything, and give him praise because He is always with me.

"The God is Love" (1 John 4:8)

I pray I would be able to show the joy of our lives on my canvas.